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After the announcement on May 9 that the US will supply arms and equipment to Kurdish fighters in Syria, images and video purporting to be of deliveries for the YPG and YPJ have surfaced. None that we have found are real. We’re collecting them here.

Plane in Erbil on May 11 is actually in Colorado. In 2014.

Kurdistan 24, a news outlet based in Erbil, Iraqposted then deleted the tweet below which claims to contain footage from Erbil, Iraq.

Deleted Tweet from Kurdistan 24 which claimed a video of a US military plane in Erbil Iraq on May 11.


The video is from Colorado in January, 2014. We can’t find the source file on the US military’s media website, but this version appears on YouTube.

Pictures of Spanish mortars in Qamishli on May 10 are from 2016 or earlier

The images shared are of an EIMOS mortar system, but they’re from 2016 or earlier.

This picture of a Spanish EIMOS mortar system purportedly in northern Syria on May 10 is from 2016 or earlier.

Seen any more? Tell us

While the images and video above are definitely fake, we believe these others are real. Could these vehicles be destined for Kurds?

New images of US Humvee military vehicles in northern Syria

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