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Update April 21

At a press conference on April 21, Paris prosecutor François Molins named the shooter as Karim Cheurfi, who was known to police. His ID and fingerprints match.

The vehicle he was in was an Audi. It parked, started again, and then stopped at a police bus in front of the Turkish tourist office. At 20:47, he walked around the front of the vehicle and used an Kalashnikov-type assault rifle to shoot the driver twice in the head, killing him.

Molins said he then walked around the bus, shooting several times at other officers who were guarding the Turkish tourist office.

A 34-year-old police officer at the back of the bus was severely injured, but their life is not in danger; a 31-year-old officer was slightly injured; and a passer-by was shot in the foot.

A handwritten note found at the scene carried a message supporting Islamic State. Others found had police department addresses written on them. A bag in the vehicle had a pump-action shotgun, knives, scissors and a Quran.

Police found another gun part and a cellphone after searching his home.

Three people have been detained for questioning.

The dead police officer has been named as 37-year-old Xavier Jugelé.

Cheurfi was known to French security services. The 39-year-old was released on parole in 2015 after serving nearly 15 years in prison, the Guardian reported. He was convicted of three attempted murders, including two on police officers.

One police officer was killed and two were seriously wounded on April 20 in a shooting in the Champs Elysées area of Paris.

One officer was killed around 9pm when an assailant reportedly opened fire with an automatic weapon around the Franklin D. Roosevelt Metro station. Two other officers were seriously wounded and have been taken to the hospital.

French President François Hollande said a bystander on the street was also shot. Le Figaro, citing police sources, said the person was a tourist who was lightly injured.

Pierre Henry Brandet, a spokesperson for the French Interior Ministry, said the shooter was killed by nearby police officer who returned fire.

Brandet said police were deliberately targeted.

Paris anti-terrorist prosecutor François Molins said that “the identity of the attacker is known” and that investigators are looking at whether he had an accomplice.

Police are investigating unconfirmed reports of a possible second assailant.

The counter-terror unit of the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the shooting.

Police have said to avoid the area, which remains on lockdown.

The shooting comes two days after French police arrested two men in Marseille on the suspicion they were planning an attack ahead of the April 23 presidential election.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the shooting and named the attacker via its Amaq agency.

Latest updates

Fergus Kelly April 21, 20174:26 am

Fergus Kelly April 20, 20175:44 pm

Fergus Kelly April 20, 20175:40 pm

France24 reports that prosecutor Molins says the identity of the attacker is known and has been confirmed

Fergus Kelly April 20, 20174:34 pm

Joanne April 20, 20174:27 pm

The French defense council will convene at 8 a.m. on Friday

Fergus Kelly April 20, 20174:26 pm

“The Interior Ministry confirms that an “automatic weapon, a weapon of war”, was used by the assailant”

Joanne April 20, 20174:25 pm

“One tourist lightly injured by bullets.”

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20174:21 pm

Hollande: A civilian was hit by gunfire, in addition to the three police officers that were shot.

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20174:20 pm

French President Francois Hollande: Special meeting will be held tomorrow at 8am in response to the shooting

Fergus Kelly April 20, 20174:05 pm

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20173:55 pm

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20173:49 pm

Interior Minister spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet: “We don’t have a precise idea of who [attacker] was.” There was only one attacker, based on modus operandi.

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20173:43 pm

French President Francois Hollande is expected to make a statement after his emergency meeting with prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Interior Minister Matthias Fekl, according to France 24.

Joanne April 20, 20173:41 pm

Fergus Kelly April 20, 20173:31 pm

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve: “Tributes to the policeman killed on the Champs-Elysées tonight, thoughts of his family. Solidarity with injured colleagues and loved ones.”

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20173:29 pm

Searches are underway on a vehicle found at the Champs-Elysees, according to the Interior Ministry

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20173:26 pm

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20173:25 pm

Joanne April 20, 20173:22 pm

Joanne April 20, 20173:17 pm

The Champs Elysees is partially evacuated

Joanne April 20, 20173:16 pm

Joanne April 20, 20173:14 pm

The counterterror section of the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the shooting.

Joanne April 20, 20173:03 pm

Joanne April 20, 20172:56 pm

Fergus Kelly April 20, 20172:48 pm

Fergus Kelly April 20, 20172:48 pm

Joanne April 20, 20172:45 pm

Multiple metro stations are closed following the shooting

Joanne April 20, 20172:43 pm

Andrew Okwuosah April 20, 20172:41 pm

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